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Mortgages and maternity leave


It wasn’t so long ago that my wife was pregnant and the issue of maternity leave and pay was high on the agenda. If you’re in the position where you need to move during a period of maternity leave then a lender’s stance can be dependent on the period left before you return to work i.e. [...]

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There are mortgage options for contract workers


Given the demands of current living more and more workers want a more flexible approach to how they work. As a contractor you will be deemed as being self-employed and the vast majority of lenders will require at least two years’ accounts, basing affordability on net profit for a sole trader or remuneration and dividends for [...]

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Self-employed and looking for a mortgage


Another tax year has just passed us by and for the self employed, attention will turn over the coming months to submitting your tax return for 2017/2018. Conversations will take place with accountants with a view to mitigating the tax liability as far as possible, but by being overzealous you may find if you’re looking to [...]

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Why you should check your credit score


Switch on the TV or look in the paper and you’ll see one of the largest credit agencies encouraging you to check your credit report. They’ll go as far as providing you with a credit score which is all important when securing any type of finance. It is important to understand that there are things that [...]

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