Getting protection for yourself isn’t always a guarantee.

Lots of variables can affect your ability to get insurance, so if you’ve already had health issues, you may find it increasingly difficult to get life assurance, if at all.

Here are some examples of the cover we have sourced:

• A client had a heart attack and then 2 stents fitted – this person was offered life cover with a premium loading of 125%. Now you may argue this is expensive, however its only as expensive as the need to have the cover. This particular client had been declined elsewhere, so to be offered life cover was great news!

• A client has a cancer diagnosis and survives it. Ordinarily this type of illness would mean any form of protection would be declined straight away. Again, we’re confident we can get cover. Each case needs assessing individually, and it depends on the severity of the cancer (to what TNM staging it’s received).

• Mental Health is a real issue and very much talked about now, which is positive news. If someone has had previous mental health issues and attempted suicide, again it would normally be declined. We can access life cover with a 12-month deferment. So, what this means is we can get life cover to start after 12 months.

• The most extreme case an acceptance was issued on a client who needed protection and they’d recently received a lung transplant. This particular client didn’t proceed with the cover in the end, however it was offered.

So, as you can see, anything is possible