It pays out an amount of money if you die, often within a specified period.

However, insurers also provide a range of additional benefits you’re highly unlikely to be aware of, so we’ve listed some below:

• A support service which offers an independent team of counsellors, advisers and legal experts

• Free counselling sessions, this isn’t just available at claim stage.

• A doctor’s service which means you can speak with the following medical professionals.

o Remote physiotherapy
o Remote psychological services
o Discounted health MOT
o Mental Health Support

• Carers of children or the elderly with a disability can access specialist support through workplace options.

• Bereavement Counselling with 6 face to face or telephone sessions from a qualified counsellor.

• Mental health counselling for individuals or the whole family.

• Nurses support services.

o Treatment, coping strategies and bereavement
o Second medical opinion
o Mental Health Support
o Carer Support
o Help at home after a hospital stay
o Eldercare

• Lifestyle discounts such as:

o Discounts on gym membership.
o Discounts on certain foods to encourage healthy eating.
o Discounts on hotel’s, spa’s, flights

Your advisor will talk you through the additional benefits offered by any insurer recommended.